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This project requires ASP.NET 4.0 Beta 2 or later.

Run the .msi program to install the complete application. There are numerous sources of documentation within it.

Please be aware that documentation was written with only C# examples.
  • EntityDAODataSource User's Guide - A PDF that introduces you to all key concepts, including separating business logic from user interface, developing Entity, Data Access Object, and DataContext classes, and using the EntityDAODataSource control itself. Documentation is provided for ADO.NET, LINQ to SQL, ADO.NET Entity Framework, and classes you previously developed.
  • POCODataSource User's Guide - A PDF that introduces you to all key concepts, including how to use POCO classes to establish separation of concerns.
  • Versatile DataSources.chm - A CHM help file documenting nearly every class and member.
  • The source code - In C#. To load it, select the Sources/Versatile DataSources v2010.sln file in Visual Studio.
  • Samples - 5 web site applications to show various technologies. Start with the "Sample using ADO.NET" because its main menu hosts many examples. The rest are more specific to a technology and show the Dynamic Data scaffolding application within those technologies.
To load the samples, select Sample Applications/Sample Applications.sln file in Visual Studio.

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